9:30AM Programs

Nursery (Room 207)

Preschool Class (Room 202)

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Class (Room 201)

2nd & 3rd Grade Class (Room 209)

4th & 5th Grade Class (Room 204)

11:15AM Programs

Nursery (Room 207)

Preschool (Room 209)

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade (Room 204)

3rd grade to 5th Grade (Room 205)

We recommend that if you child is going to stay for both 9:30AM and 11:15AM, that you pick up your child in between so that you can take them to the bathroom and feed them a snack.


Please check-in your child at the iPad/Laptop on the foyer. Print out a Name Tag for your child and keep the Parent Check-Out Tag. The Check-Out Tag will be a randomized number that matches your child’s name tag.

Please check-out your child on-time so that our volunteers can clean-up and transition to the next hour.


For the time being, we will not be providing snacks in the class. We will let you know when snacks return to a regular part of Sunday School.


Please have your children go to the bathroom before dropping them off. If they need to go bathroom in the middle of Sunday School (either hour) we may text you to take them. We also recommend that your child washes their hand before and after attending Sunday School.

COVID Notifications

We want to be wise and discerning as we transition back to in-person learning. So, if you or your child (or anyone in your household) tests positive for COVID-19, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact our Children’s Director, Theo Low.