Meals Ministry

We have an opportunity to serve Danny & Ellen N. as they welcomed baby Hudson into their family in October. Their meal schedule is full but if you would like to bring them a meal on a different day please contact Tiffany C,

Christmas Day Service

If you are available on Monday morning December 25th, please join us at 9:30 AM here in the worship hall to give thanks to God for the birth of our Savior.

Pastoral Love Offering

Towards the end of each year we take up a love offering for our pastors as an expression of our appreciation of their tireless service to us. If you would like to contribute please designate it as “pastoral love offering”. You’ll have till December 24th to contribute.

2018 Offering Envelopes

For those who like to use weekly offering envelopes, new sets of envelopes are available on the wall opposite our copier. Please be sure to fill in your name on the sign up sheet so we know who has which numbered set of envelopes. Quantities are limited. For those of you who only need an envelope occasionally, we do have individual offering envelopes available on the table to your left as you enter the worship hall.

2018 Wall Calendars

2018 wall calendars are available on the literature table for those who would like one.


12-16-2017 Christmas Program
12-25-2017 Christmas Day Service
01-21-2018 Church Family Meeting
01-27-2018 Ministry Leaders Meeting
02-24-2018 Chinese New Year Program (Cantonese)